What is Inner yoga?

Inner yoga is working with your body and mind to achieve quality living. One of the important tenets of yoga is that the body and mind are interconnected, body is the gross form of the mind and mind is the subtle form of the body. In order to improve your quality of life you need to work from the outermost aspect of you which is the physical body through to the innermost part of you the mind and the spirit. And yoga is the only science that works on every facet of your being - physical, emotional, mental, psyche and spirit.

Inner yoga brings to you comprehensive and personalized yogic healing. Inner yoga healing works on the whole of you, beginning by first understanding your issues, your state of mind and health. And then systematically appropriate practices are introduced such as - asanas, pranayamas, shatkarmas, mudras, bandhas, yoga nidra/deep relaxation, visualization, meditation etc, as the need maybe. Soon you will experience genuine holistic improvement. Which will reflect in your health, state of mind and attitude towards life.

Inner yoga sessions are exclusively one-to-one. They incorporate:

How does Inner yoga therapy work?

Imagine a garden that has not been looked after. It would have plenty of weeds; the grass would be growing wild. It would look unwelcoming. Now, to clean the garden, you would have to get rid of the weeds first. As the larger weeds are pulled out the smaller and finer will show up until all the unintended and unnecessary is cleared. Then you plough and prune. You could choose to plant some new seeds. With regular care, the garden will soon be lush, will flower, fruit and you will enjoy its beauty and warmth with family and friends. Yes, Inner yoga works like this.

One of the key tools utilized in Inner Yoga is Self observation or Self awareness. Self observation is being aware of your body, mind, feelings and the deeper mind. For example as you are reading this, you are holding a certain posture and facial expression which is an indication of how you are thinking and feeling. Now, as you become self aware, you modify your posture, and your thinking, your feeling automatically alter too. Thus, revealing the inherent connection between body and mind. More importantly you see that when you become aware you tend to change yourself. You tend to improve or transform yourself.

Inner yoga therapy is very specialized and very individual. Therapy incorporates asana, pranayama, relaxation, visualization, purification, mudras, meditation, visualization and other yogic techniques to restore mental sharpness, emotional balance and physical health. If there is a health disorder, therapy will heal the body and strengthen the mind. Any health disorder is not completely overcome till the mental/emotional knot that has caused it is not identified and released. Let us consider an example of back pain which largely is caused by stress and that is erroneous thinking and lifestyle. Inner yoga will prescribe practices to heal your back and also enhance your ability to manage stress efficiently. In such a way the cause of the back pain is erased too. Thus healing and prevention take place side by side.

In case of mental disturbances like depression, anxiety, confusion, anger etc, the best and proven way is with inner yoga. I have personally benefited tremendously with yogic practices. I have seen numerous clients, friends and family overcome life-changing issues and emerge confident, clear and mature. In the issues of the mind and heart it is the therapists own experience, understanding and wisdom that will empower you to reclaim your ground. The beauty about Inner yoga is that it connects you with the nucleus of enormous positive force that is dormant within you. A source of peace, wisdom and joy that is always inside you, but is covered by years and years of negativity. I have seen my clients gradually transform as they connect more and more with this inner force. The old layers of conflict, fear and hang ups are dropped as their understanding expands. Once this inner connection has been made, nothing can derail you from your goals.

It is said that the safest facility is one which is not at work. As long you are living there are going to be problems of some kind or the other. Inner yoga will empower you with endurance to face and flow through them with positive intelligence. A tremendous sense of confidence and ease will awaken within as you realize that you now have the key to manage the unpredictable. No longer will the fear of pain, hurt or loss cripple your expression and growth.