After my management studies, I spent over ten years in the corporate world. But I felt unfulfilled. My interest in depth psychology brought me to the profound subject of Yoga Psychology. It was life changing for me. I completed my post graduation in the subject, with a gold medal from the University of Bihar School Of Yoga- the most revered yoga institute in the world, and returned to Mumbai to practice what I had learned.

Yoga Psychology is as vast as it is deep. My understanding and insight come from its application on my own self in daily life. I owe my success and satisfaction to Yoga psychology through sustained rewarding experiences. And there is nothing more fulfilling than seeing my students reclaim their peace of mind and wellbeing.

Sessions with Nityatara

All sessions are private and exclusively one-to-one.
As the need be a session will include counseling and therapeutic practices.
With couples, sessions are held together and individually.
In case of children, meeting parent/s is essential.

Duration of each session: 90 minutes
Request to seek prior appointment.
Timings: 9am - 7pm