1. Why does the mind wander?

The mind is led by the senses and memory. Senses bring information from the outside and memory from within. Mind is a no holds barred play ground for their reception, interaction and reaction. How can such a play ground be empty or quiet? Simple, keep the players from entering the grounds. Inner Yoga prescribes numerous practices to help you have better concentration and focus. And practice will make you perfect.

2. Is Yoga a religion?

Yoga is a science of the mind. And any science is universal. It cannot belong to a belief system or geography. Whatever religion you practice Yoga will improve your connection with your God whoever you choose to believe in. Bihar school of Yoga, the institute where I received my Yoga Psychology education has people coming from four corners of the world- from America to Iran, from Japan to New Zealand. Apart from various Indian languages their books are translated into Japanese, Spanish, Arabic, French and more. So no matter which religion you follow Inner Yoga can easily be practiced.

3. Will I be completely rid of my tensions?

Freedom from tension will be achieved to the degree you are able to control the forces of the mind. Mind is controlled when you are in the moment. And to be keep awareness in the present moment you have to train your mind. That training is Inner Yoga.

4. I have just been detected with high BP, can Inner yoga help?

Yes, Inner Yoga can certainly help you overcome this imbalance. Inner Yoga will de-stress, reduce mental tension, rebalance and enhance energy, build your endurance, release self-inhibiting thought patterns and inculcate a healthy lifestyle. You will find your whole self being regenerated. So do not waste a minute longer. Start the practice of Inner Yoga right away.

5. Can Inner Yoga relieve my child of ADHD?

I have achieved very good results on ADHD with breath work, Yoga nidra (relaxation) and visualization. I also find ADHD children take very keenly to yoga because of the release of stored tensions and calming of nerves. Often during Yoga nidra they go into deep sleep and that is the beginning of their healing. Apart from Yoga a disciplined lifestyle and sufficient sleep is very important.