"If you want to control the destiny of your life, the only way is to learn the art of concentration"
- Paramahamsa Swami Satyananda

The starting point of Inner yoga therapy is acknowledgement that "I need to change". It is only when you realize that something is not quite right and that you need to modify yourself to manage life situations, that you would have taken the first step towards healing yourself.

Inner yoga therapy applies the science of Yoga Psychology, which is by far the highest and most effective system of psychological development and evolution. It will uplift you from the mire you are caught in, be it obsessive thinking, depression, inner conflict, unmanageable anger etc. Inner yoga will reprogram your mind, broaden your perspective and renew your outlook to life. I speak from personal experience of how I overcame huge hurdles through this magnificent science of inner unfoldment. Over the past ten years I have seen my clients emerge out of trappings into being their very own master of their destiny.

The main principle the various practices are based on is to gain mastery over the mind. A mind in control has the ability to keep attention in the present and do best justice with the moment. When you are completely in the now, not disturbed by the past nor worried about the future, you respond to the moment with clarity, openness and natural wisdom. The lower self or the weak self does not hinder your expression. Inner yoga releases you from the grip of fixed thought patterns, draining habits and a confused self-concept. You regain health, your relationships improve and you excel at work. You take charge of your life.

Below are some of the means of attaining mastery over the mind that will be part of your therapy sessions:

1. Self Observation - forms the very core of Yoga Psychology and Inner Yoga therapy. The ability to stand apart from your thoughts and observe them is the beginning of your transformation. Soon you will recognize that in essence you are different from your thoughts. And that you not only can observe but also regulate and control thought. This is the greatest power in mankind and is the very foundation of your evolution to being a better human.

2. Yoga Nidra - a relaxation practice of the highest order. It releases innermost tensions bethey physical, mental or emotional. Yoga nidra is a very successful practice used in overcoming mental, behavioral habits. Words cannot describe the benefits of this practice, it has to be experienced.

3. Meditation - is the best tonic for everyone. Just like the physical body needs to be refreshed regularly, the mind too needs to shed its accumulated anxieties and frustrations of the day. If accumulated they will soon manifest in some form either in your body or behavior. The emptying of 'thought waste' can be done by no other technique than meditation. Meditation will help you to clean out past experiences, suppressed emotions and desires and avoid accumulation of new ones. It will awaken your brilliance, make you confident and courageous and strengthen your will to pursue your goals amidst the toil and tumult of life.

4. Higher Intelligence - while it exists in one and all, it is weak because it is not exercised often. In yoga psychology higher intelligence is referred to as power of discrimination or reason, often loosely called inner voice. This power to discriminate will help you to respond appropriately to situations that were a challenge. You will not fall prey to habits and instinctual tendencies and will select a course of action that is positive and leads to growth. The more you do this the stronger the muscle of reason becomes and the more you begin to stay outside the cycle of action and reaction determined by previous programming. This sharpened reason is the most direct tool for promoting growth. It is the most efficient way of disentangling yourself from psychological problems.

5. Social Code of Conduct - facilitates regulation of behavior so that our social dealings with our spouse, in-laws, friends, employers, colleagues, children, are clear, forthright and responsible.

6. Personal Lifestyle - a set of guideline to how you can maintain your own personal discipline in order to minimize clutter and anxiety, and pursue your objectives with clarity and focus.

7. Replacement of Habits - another very essential tool that trains you in replacing undesirable habits with positive patterns of thought and action so that you eventually burn the seeds of old habits.