"Disease in the modern world is caused by the mind, not by bacteria and virus. Thought is the greatest virus"
- Paramahamsa Swami Satyananda

Stress related disorders are also called psychosomatic, which means psyche (deeper mind) has affected soma (body). In other words the accumulated mental stress has precipitated as a physical disorder. Some of the common stress disorders are hypertension, diabetes, asthma, migraine, back aches, skin allergies etc.

The Inner yoga healing methodology is very scientific and thorough:

a. Physiological healing - healing of the body.
In the physiology of the body there are two master control systems namely, nervous and endocrine systems, that directly influence all other systems of the body and are in charge of maintaining harmonious functioning. Yoga therapy works directly on these two systems. Asanas for example are not mere physical exercises, they are scientifically constructed postures that massage endocrine glands, improve blood circulation and drain out the toxins. And pranayamas stabilize and strengthen the nervous system. In time normal functioning of the body is restored as these two master controllers are brought into their natural rhythm.

b. Psychological healing - healing of the mind.
Any health disorder is not completely overcome till the mental/emotional knot that has caused it is not identified and released. It is here where understanding you, counseling and coaching become vital to your overcoming the problem at its very root. The practices of relaxation - yoga nidra, meditation and self-observation are crucial in holistic healing. Inner yoga therapy empowers you with not just a healthy body and a strong mind but also a positive attitude towards life.

Today medical science too has acknowledged yoga a successful therapy because of its scientific, step-wise process of bringing about balance in the psycho-physiology of the individual. Therapeutic yoga is offered in hospitals across the globe, while medicines work on the symptoms yoga works on the cause of the disease and restores good physical and mental health.

In my experience as Inner yoga therapist I have found clients regain so much confidence in their health that they have gradually tapered and then stopped medication completely.

Inner Yoga therapy works towards healing of all stress related disorders. Some of the disorders that have been worked on successfully are:

1. Hypertension/ High BP
2. Asthma/Diabetes/Thyroid
3. Poly Cystic Ovarian Disorder
4. Migraine
5. Back aches
6. Arthiritis
7. Acidity/Indigestion/Constipation